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But some guy named Dave had to go and destroy the memory of this perfectly innocent franchise. According to his 2005 blog post , the Care Bears are actually Voodoo symbolism. He reasons that “Care Bears” sounds a lot Carefours, a Port-au-Prince, Haiti district known for Voodoo. Symbolism is big in Voodoo culture, and Dave draws connections between various bears and particular spirits or goddesses. He also argues that because the bears like to dress up and wear “disguises” at times, this emulates the behavior of the lwa (spirits) that guard the dead. This might be the most far-fetched theory on this list, but it just goes to show that if you look really hard, there are connections everywhere.

Jessica Jones is a series all about control—or, more precisely, what it’s like to not have any control over yourself, or to have complete control over everyone else. As our main character struggles to be a hero in Hell’s Kitchen, she’s also struggling with the demons of her past represented by the months of torture, brainwashing, and non-consensual romantic engagement she experienced at the hands of Kilgrave . With the ability to make people submit to his every whim, Kilgrave forces Jessica to act as though she loves him, and she loses her sense of self as a result of his villainy.

Winnie steroids weight loss

winnie steroids weight loss


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