Trent 1000-ten vs genx

Subcontracted assemblies included wing manufacture ( Mitsubishi Heavy Industries , Japan, central wing box) [38] horizontal stabilizers ( Alenia Aeronautica , Italy; Korea Aerospace Industries , South Korea); [39] fuselage sections (Global Aeronautica, Italy; Boeing, North Charleston , US; Kawasaki Heavy Industries , Japan; Spirit AeroSystems , Wichita , US; Korean Air , South Korea); [40] [41] [42] passenger doors ( Latécoère , France); cargo doors, access doors, and crew escape door ( Saab AB , Sweden); software development ( HCL Enterprise India); [43] floor beams ( TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited , India); [44] [45] wiring ( Labinal , France); [46] wing-tips, flap support fairings, wheel well bulkhead, and longerons (Korean Air, South Korea); [47] landing gear ( Messier-Bugatti-Dowty , UK/France); [48] [49] and power distribution and management systems, air conditioning packs ( Hamilton Sundstrand , Connecticut , US). [46] [50]

“Could a low priced/(“cheap”) MoM/Nma with a range of 5000Nm, that’s affordable to LCC’s, not potentially badly hurt Legacy airlines on the Transatlantic routes and threaten European Airlines on routes to the East..”
LCCs going longhaul, with or without any “affordable” MoM/797 weapons, are already hurting and will continue to hurt FSCs in Trans-Alt and Europe-Asia mkts. This is especially true when the finances+profitability+capital access of those LCCs which hv gone longhaul hv already been consistently out-shining many so-called “Legacy” “European Airlines”(. SAS, AZ, AirBerlin, Austrian, etc., and even mighty AF) for yrs rendering the issue of MoM/797 affordability irrelevant.

An American friend of mine, who is very disappointed with (a) the B777-9X airframe & (b) the GE-9X engine says :
-- arguably, the airframe is just a revamped tin-tube (Al-Li) stretch, of warmed up 25-30-year-old technology, with a new plastic wing ;
-- and the engines ("new" ?) are heavy, of "old-hat", 2-shaft architecture, whose performance appears likely to be substantially less-efficient than that of the RR -Trent-XWB engine, which GE considers as less modern than the GE-9X ("less modern" ? ) ;
-- RR is on the point of being able to bring into production the Advance, capable of extending the above-mentioned T-XWB engine's already existing lead over the GE-9X !

Trent 1000-ten vs genx

trent 1000-ten vs genx


trent 1000-ten vs genxtrent 1000-ten vs genxtrent 1000-ten vs genxtrent 1000-ten vs genxtrent 1000-ten vs genx