Test prop keto

This got 12 thumbs up at Thanksgiving. I’m the only diabetic in my fam, so I have something to prove when making dessert – and thanks, Carolyn for helping me prove it! I added thin banana slices (maybe medium bananas total) in each cream layer because I miss banana cream pie and chocolate/banana is a sure way to win over my Dad. Being foodies, my Mom and I sat and brainstormed other variations that would work: for the chocolate ganache topped version, coconut or raspberries in the pastry cream layers, Leaving off the ganache and doing a sour cream creme pat would go with a chunky blueberry sauce or thin slices of cinnamon apples. I found the amount of fruit I ended up adding per slice was pretty negligible = maybe 4 carbs – but all agreed it was a great enhancement. The only change I’d make next time is to pipe the meringues in single serving-sized oblongs or circles so that each serving could be an individual stack of meringues and there’d be no custard blurping out the sides from cutting. A bit more time, but it would be worth it to me for a prettier presentation for a special dinner.

The PB&J inspiration is just perfect for back to school while we still have this warm weather: nice and cool, filling but light, seasonal and fresh. We’re mostly paleo at home, and I try to avoid peanut butter due to the goitrogens in peanuts for thyroid health. Because of this, I used almond butter instead of peanut butter, but peanut butter would be fantastic in this best chia pudding recipe, for sure. You could also substitute other berries for the strawberries, but the sweet maceration that happens with fresh strawberries just can’t be beat.

I would like to pick your brain a little bit. I have been banging my head against the wall with this one and I don’t seem to figure it out.
Let’s say you have two secondary amines. In the first one, one substituent is a propargyl (prop-2-yn) group and the second one is methyl. In the second amine, one substituent is an (indol-2-yl)methyl group (amine is bonded through a methylene group to the position 2 of indole) and the second one is methyl. Now, in both cases a secondary carbocation is formed next to the amine nitrogen. Which one should be more stable?

Test prop keto

test prop keto


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