Test prop homebrew

Once the coil is wound, placing a small piece of duct tape over the coil to hold the free end of the wire kept the coil from unraveling from th form. At that point the coil form could be removed from the drill press. A small amount of children's rubber cement on the coil was enough to hold the turns in place while the bobbin or coil form were disassembled. Teflon tape around the 1 inch form helped prevent the coil from sticking to the form during removal. Still, removal of the coil probably required the most time, but produced some reasonably uniform coils. A couple of narrow strips of duct tape were wrapped around opposite sides of the coil to further hold windings together. Since the coils were circular at this point, I 'squished' them to make a somewhat oval shape that fit the width of the magnets. I suppose that a smaller diameter coil might work better (?), but a 1" form was all that I had (photo) . The white stuff is the Teflon tape.

Test prop homebrew

test prop homebrew


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