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The Prop Protector cut the rope cleanly, and all the netting. It didn’t shred the netting but cut through it, dividing it in two, and would prevent your boat being anchored by a long length. When the polytarp was left to drift into the prop, it tended to get caught on the blades and just swirled around, but as soon as a slight amount of tension was applied, it was cut through. However, it wasn’t shredded and sometimes remained on the blades, which would reduce thrust. In practice, a large sheet would possibly apply enough drag to make the cutter work. It couldn’t cut any of the wires, though. The netting and smaller diameter ropes could sometimes be drawn down into the gap between the cutter and the P-bracket but reversing tended to loosen this.

One question we get all the time is what do I need to do to keep my stainless or aluminum prop in optimum running condition. Other than not hitting something in the water, there is really not much to do. We always recommend removing the prop for overwintering, but that is to protect against theft and from someone hitting their shins on the prop blades when they get too close to your boat! General surface cleaning can be done to stainless if you want to maintain it's like-new shine, but even that is not necessary, A shiny prop is not measurably faster than one a little dulled by use. But it is critical any edge damage, dings, gouges, or bending of the blades be brought to the attention of a local prop repair specialist immediately. They have the tools and expertise to get your prop back in optimal condition. They are not so busy in the off season, so taking that prop for repair after your boat is tucked away is the perfect time to keep a local craftsman busy during the winter.

I really love the ambient sounds of prop planes but there are some problems. When flying near another plane and maintaining distance the sound is a loop of a plane that is flying past a microphone with a clear Doppler effect. The sound used for this specific case should be an engine sound that stays a constant pitch with very little variation but it just sounds like it was pulled from a video of an airshow where a plane flies past the crowd. This mod also seems to have the same issue as the stock game where the Doppler effect is backwards (flying closer to a plane in game makes the sound pitch down and flying away makes it pitch up, should be the other way around). Since this problem exists with the stock game it is probably not something that can't be fixed easily. Other than these issues I love how the ambient prop planes sound like real planes. Dogfights sound great with this mod.

Test prop good

test prop good


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