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This truly is an awesome review! I was fortunate enough to see an Enan set up but it takes some visualization to "see" the tent without touching one or seeing it in person. This review fills all the gaps. I've been using the prototype for this tent (Hilleberg Akto) for about ten years now. Several years ago I purchased a Fibraplex Carbon Fiber pole and struts for the Akto, replaced all the guy lines with mm Spectra cord from Zpacks, and had the ends of the inner replaced with mesh panels (nicely done by Rainy Pass Repairs) and thus reduced the minimum weight to 2 lbs, 4 oz which is about 5 ounces more than the Enan. For the life of me I don't understand why Hilleberg did not leave the "Vent Hole" from the Akto in the fly of this tent. Opening the top of the fly zipper is a work around of sorts to solve that problem. You certainly put it to the test pitching in standing water - in my experience with the Akto wet ground in the vestibule results in condensation on the inside of the fly. Did you get a lot of condensation on the inside of the fly without the vent? Lastly, my experience is that four season tents are really one season tents (winter). In the other three seasons they are really too warm. For that reason I may pony up the bones for an Enan for summer and continue to use the Akto in the shoulder seasons where snow is possible.

Test enan

test enan


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