Is tren 100 good

ZeusProdigy 1 year ago @CBBurrr
I do not know much about blood work but I quickly did some research after seeing those levels and I did come to the conclusion that the Testosterone is under dosed. I posted up these labs hoping someone would chime in on that. All my current products are from this source so I hope it was just a bad batch because I just switched to their Testosterone Enanthate and am using their Trenbolone along with EQ Acetate. Hopefully I get sponsored for EBC by a reputable source I am speaking with here on the Eroids and will be switching labs/source starting in September if everything goes well.

I don't care what drugs people, to each their own, and I agree with allowing people the decision of what they want to do by weighing the pros and cons. With that said, you are comparing weed closely with cocaine. What the fuck? You have to be very misconceived about weed, even comparing it to alcohol, which a lot of people unfortunately do, is a pretty huge leap.
Just to clarify, the only harm weed will do to your body is if you combust it, it can cause smoker's cough and phlegm. It has never been proven to cause even cancer in your lungs. If eaten or vaped, marijuana has no proven harmful side effects (unless you consider increased appetite harmful). Studies show weed consumed daily over decades can even decrease the risk of cancer.
Sorry, just wanted to clarify that since you were trying to compare weed to cocaine, alcohol, and steroids.

Is tren 100 good

is tren 100 good


is tren 100 goodis tren 100 goodis tren 100 goodis tren 100 goodis tren 100 good