Global anabolics tren acetate

i am very happy with the quality of the products i have ordered i have gained 15 lb of new mass in last 3 weeks i have been eating enough for a family of 4 and getting shit loads of sleep 2 hours everyday at the gym i feel like a animal my agression is way up in the gym and the bedroom i pretty much feel like i want to fuck and fight everything all the time its great i am getting so vascular even more so than usual i have never done clen before but its good shit for sure i was pissed off at my self for getting a little belly fat and i just wanted it off fast 3 weeks and problem solved lol

When you try trenbolone for the first time it's usually a good idea to start with just 50 mg every other day. This will help you see if you are a good responder to the trenbolone ester. Some people might start to feel uncomfortable at higher doses and finding your dose is usually a great idea when trying this for your first cycle. The standard doses usually range between 75 to 100 mg every other day but finding the perfect dose for your comfort level is very important. High doses between 500 to 700 mg per week are usually reserved for seasoned veterans and those that really want to push their training further. There is always a risk when trying these high doses. You shouldn't need to use any type of estrogen blocker with Trenbolone as it is pretty rare for estrogenic effects especially if you are taking a low dosage.

Global anabolics tren acetate

global anabolics tren acetate


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