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I had a Samsung before and never had any problem. I switched to Apple phone because I do have an apple computer and I wanted to make things easier between both devices. I'v never been interested in the camera capabilities of any smart phone at all.
If I am going to photograph something, I use either my D750 or my D500. Period. If I have shot 2 photos since I am using a smart phone, that would be too much, so I do not really care at all about phone cameras. I am not going to buy a phone just because the camera is better than the other, etc, etc.
It would be hard for me to make the decision to pay 1k to buy the iPhone when, for $200 more, I can buy the Sigma Art lens 24-70 f/ ... the new iPhone X does not impress me. I do not want to go completely wireless so I would stay with my 6s and if I decide to upgrade, then probably it would be to the Note 8 ... but I will wait a bit longer.

Hullo, just like to inquire. Before doing the testing, did you service the original bearings? Clean them totally clean, removing the original lube? Then doing the test with with the original and boca bearings with the same lube?
I’ve done some tests like this and found there is no difference in distance once you do this. The best way to get the best performance out of the bearings is to clean them up and use low viscosity bearing oil. It’s not so much the bearing “quality”. The new bearings from boca are delivered dry, so they will perform better than the original bearing which are normally lubed with heavy oil.

Side Effects. No studies have specifically investigated the effect of insulin use by nondiabetics for the purpose of increasing muscle mass. However, bodybuilders have used short-acting insulin with high-carbohydrate and high-protein diets to promote muscle growth, and a few case studies have reported negative consequences (Evans & Lynch 2003; Konrad et al. 1998; Dawson & Harrison 1997; Reverter et al. 1994). The primary side effect of insulin use by nondiabetics is hypoglycemia. While this condition is preventable and treatable, most individuals use insulin in secrecy and are discovered only when they are found by friends or family in a state of unconsciousness induced by hypoglycemia. Coma, convulsions and death have been reported in some cases (Evans & Lynch 2003; Konrad et al. 1998; Dawson & Harrison 1997; Reverter et al. 1994).

Anadrol yahoo

anadrol yahoo


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